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考研英语写作素材 经典英文语句

Each day is a miniature lifetime,and your attitude concerning each daymakes a difference.


Doing things change things,no doing things,these things are excatly as they were.


Life was like a box of chocolates,you never know what you"re gonna get.


Death it but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still.


Hope is a good thing,maybe the best of things,and no good thing ever dies.


To make each day count.


The more you express gratitude for what you have,the more you have to express gratitude for.


I’m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.


Fear can hold you prisoner.Hope can set you free.


I figure life is a gift and I don"t intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you"re going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you.


You make millions of decisions that mean nothing and then one day your order takes out and it changes your life.


Miracles happen every day.


This path has been placed before you.The choice is yours alone.


Don"t ever let somebody tell you you can"t do something.You got a dream,you gotta protect it.People can"t do something themselves,they wanna tell you you can"t do it.If you wantsomething,go get it.


Method goes far to prevent trouble in business: for it makes the task easy, hinders confusion, saves abundance of time, and instructs those that have business depending, both what to do and what to hope.


Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it.


If there is any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not deter or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.


Know that you can be a great one.





It is widely acknowledged thatextensive deforestationcontributed toheavy summer flooding.Experts argue thatChina must introduce a massive forestation program.But I doubt whetherforestationalone will solve the problem.


Most people are of the opinion thatwealth provides solutions to all problems.But in spite ofthe material benefits wealth provides,I believeone should abandon the pursuit of materialism and instead concentrate on the pursuit of happiness.


An increasing number of people arejoining the “Information Age” via the Internet.In reaction to the phenomenon, some saythe Internet has removed barriers and provided people with immediate access to the world.But do they realize thatrapidly advancing information technologycan also lead tointrusions of privacy?


These days we often hear aboutthe widening gap between the rich and poor.Some arguethe developed world has totally ignored the problem. But has it?Close examination fails to bear out the argument.


One of the most serious problems many people talk about centers onthe lack of adequate housing space.


There is a growing worldwide awareness ofthe need for strengthened environmental protection.


Never before in history has the issue ofoverpopulationbeen more evident than now.


A growing number of people are beginning to realize thatwealthis not the sole prerequisite forhappiness.


In spite ofthe extraordinary progress made in science and technology,problems remain in terms ofguaranteeing that achievements benefit the greatest number of people.


A famous thinker once wrote that “the greatest threat to mankind is mankind itself!”If this is indeed the case, thenthe current situation should make us ponder our future existence.


Years ofobserving human behaviorhas enabled me to conclude that the major difference betweenmediocrityandsuccesslies solely withthe individual concerned. Successful individuals consistently seek advancement,whiletheir less industrious contemporaries are merely content with the status quo.


Traditional ways of thinking have changed dramatically. The pendulum has swungand people are exhibiting greater open-mindedness and a burning desire to determine their own destiny.


There has beenundesirabletrend in recent years towardsthe worship of money.A recent survey showed that X percent of respondents rankedgetting richas their top priority, compared to X percent only a few years ago. Why do people fail to realize thatwealth does not necessarily bring happiness?


In short, we must work diligently to make the world a better place for coming generations. We must not persist in pursuits harmful to the environment.


We must avoidoverindulgence and conspicuous consumption.We must insteadcontinue to recognize the benefits of thrift in order to protect our newfound prosperity.


Whileachieving successis easier said than done, persistencedoes in fact pay off. One of the most important traits ofa successful person is self-confidence,another isdesire,and still another isdetermination.


Recognizing a problem is the first step in finding a solution.


We owe a debt of gratitude tothe many individuals who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place.However, we must not rest on their accomplishments, but must instead work assiduously to record even greater achievements.


Thetwomajor challenges facing China today center onmaintaining sustained economic growth and feeding its growing population of over 1. 2 billion people with only seven percent of the world"s cultivable land.Despite the monumental difficulties involved, Chinese peoplewill undoubtedly exhibit their indefatigable resilience and achieve great success in both regards.


Why are an increasing number of elderly Chinese parents living apart from their children?One reason isthe increasing upward mobility of the younger generation.Another isexpanding social opportunities for the elderly.Perhaps the main reason, however, centers ondramatic changes in traditional concepts.


What has sparked the increasing interest inexercise?For one thing, people have gained a greater awareness of the need for physical fitness.For another, the constantly improving standard of living enables Chinese people to patronize the increasing number of recreational venues.The main thing perhaps centers onthe healthcare and psychological benefits exercise provides.


Identifying the reasons for an emerging phenomenon which involves several complicated factors is far from an easy task. For example, somescientistsattributeenvironmental deteriorationtoa series of natural factors,while others place the blame solely oninappropriate human behavior.


Child develo





A free man obtains knowledge from many sources besides books.(Thomas Jefferson)


Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food for the body. (Cicero)


Histories make men wise; poems witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend. (Francis Bacon)



You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. You can only decide how you’re going to live.


Life is a promise. Fulfill it.



In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. (Albert Einstein)


The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. (Winston Churchill)



Diligence is is the mother of good luck.(Thomas Fuller)


The expectations of life depend upon diligence. (Confucius)



Separated we fall. United we stand. (Lincoln)


Coming together is beginning. Working together is success. (Henry Ford)